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Looking for support/moderator staff..


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Time has come again for me to look at extending support. I have been losing support staff lately, this has made me have absolutely no time available at the moment to help everyone with the way they deserve. I am in need of support on the website answering tickets, freeing up time for me to add/fix things. 

Please only apply if you just like helping people, you must also have very good computer and cheat knowledge. Your main role will be to help people set up varies different cheats or diagnosing problems. You will also have to have some Forum knowledge as all support is completed via the website.

To apply for a support/moderator role please head to the support section. On the ticket you will then need to pick a cheat you have previously used. Rename the ticket title “Support Application”. please then give me some reasons why you should become a support/moderator.


As I said above, I am extremely busy right now so I will get back to all tickets made eventually.

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