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COD Blocker (Spoofer) Release


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It’s been a long time coming, finally we have made something for you guys to get back playing Warzone again! This is our very own COD anti-cheat blocker, this is WAY more effective/powerful than any Spoofer on the market!! The blocker will stop the anti-cheat from running while also spoofing the system. The blocker will allow HWID banned machines to play the game again, you will not be shadow banned or thrown into cheater lobbies instantly! The best part… It works on ALL Windows builds. 

We have made multiple tests behind the scenes, while active the blocker has worked flawlessly! It’s now on sale and you can buy this product here:


In other news we have had a breakthrough on the temp spoofer and will be releasing a test build (beta) shortly! 

Have Fun.

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