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Warzone Disconnections


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Me and the whole team has been testing the disconnections at 12 kills for many days now: 

Our findings:

- They're Disconnecting (DCing) you even if you don't use any tools! Why would they do that?" Because they also don't like Smurfing, which is when a high skilled player creates a new account to shit on unskilled players. If a brand-new account comes in and destroys the lobby, the person is either cheating or smurfing, both good enough reasons to SB them.

- If you don't want to be DC'd while you play either 1. Use an aged account 2. Don't go over 12 kills for a long time until the account is built up 3. I suspect they would let you go over 12 kills if you bought the game and didn't use a free account, but I haven't tested this…

- We also know the spoofer is not causing DC’s, so even when the spoofer is back as status “ONLINE” you will still be getting the 12 kills DC Shadow Ban.

Raging past 12 kills, new accounts on MW/Warzone is FINISHED.

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